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Red State Update

Oct 20, 2019

Jackie & Dunlap on Mulvaney's Quid Pro Quo, Trump pushes to hold the G7 at the Trump National Doral Miami, Trump abandons the Kurds, Pelosi vs Trump, Shep leaves Fox, Mattis, Meaner Pete, Bernie's bounce back from his heart attack & his AOC endorsement. 

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New self-titled Seth...

Oct 11, 2019

Jackie & Dunlap on Giuliani & his fleeing goons, Trump's betrayal of the Kurds, Lindsey Graham's phone hoax, Trump gives Putin another week of wins, Jeff Sessions' Weekly Top Embarrassments to Alabama. 

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Oct 3, 2019

Jackie & Dunlap on Pompeo & Barr, Civil War 2, Treason, Spies, Finland, Twitter, Trump meltdown, Bullsh*t, Putin, Bernie, Facebook, Schiff, impeachin' time continues.

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The Day All the Monsters Came To Church and Got Saved:

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Sep 28, 2019

Is one of the millions of god-awful things Trump has done actually gonna get him in trouble? Jackie & Dunlap on impeachment and Ukraine, NRA and Russia, whistleblowin' and Pelosi-teasin'. 

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"The Magic...

Sep 19, 2019

Jackie & Dunlap on Dummy Beto, Dummy Dems, Dummy Pelosi, Dummy Lewandoski, Dummy Yang, Dummy Bolton, Dummy Whistleblower, Dummy Biden, Dummy Corn Pop, Dummy Iran, Dummy Spicer, and, especially, eternally, Dummy Our President.  

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