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Red State Update

Mar 1, 2014

Bonus episode for ya this week-- the second edition of our Sponsors All Sponsors series.  Contains the sponsors from Episodes 25 - 34, all collected in one podcast so you can refresh your memory re: Tee Tee Slott lore, impress new listeners with the beginnings of the Little Helen's saga, or just settle in for two and a half hours of yelling about prostitutes and wet bread. 
Episode 25: Coley's Cat Food, Mirabella Gennessey
Episode 26: Dom Podge's Tax Whiz, Little Helen's
Episode 27: Dom Podge's Tax Whiz
Episode 28: Wizardbeard's,  Wet Breads
Episode 29: Coley's Christian Cinemas, Wet Breads
Episode 30: Wet Breads' Lunch Tank, Tee Tee Slott
Episode 31: Coley's Christian Cinemas, The Glory Shelf (plus Jickie's and Jockie's)
Episode 32: Little Helen's, The Big House
Episode 33: Coley's Christian Cinemas ("Rascal the Praying Mule"), Miz Mary's Butter Dump
Episode 34: Coley's Christian Cinemas ("A Full Heart"), Dom Podge's Tax Whiz
Check out Episode 23 for the first edition of Sponsors All Sponsors, and check back Mondays at 12 am ET for new episodes.