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Red State Update

Aug 18, 2014

Robin Williams, Mickey Rooney, James Garner-- Is the Red State Update Podcast killing celebrities left and right? Jackie & Dunlap investigate.

PLUS: Jackie Broyles vs. Devil Worshippers, Darkseid vs. Lex Luthor, Rand Paul vs. Jeb Bush (Weasel vs. Mushface), One Day at a Time vs. Diff'rent Strokes, Blacks vs. Obama,...

Aug 11, 2014

Obama's goin' Back 2 Iraq! Plus Tennessee election results, Lamar Alexander, Stacey Campfield, ISIS, Death Race, Cowboys and Aliens, Leprechaun, Lonesome Dove, and My Way vs. He Stopped Loving Her Today.

Sponsored by Jim Beavers of Comcast Cable and Sullivan's Auto Parts.

Aug 4, 2014

Jackie and Dunlap on Obama's plans to weaponize Ebola, how it's weird to agree with Donald Trump, Jackie's advice for the Republican party, impeachment vs. lawsuits, Israel vs. Gaza, Sullivan vs. McKinley, and Sarah Palin Channel.

Sponsored by Dr. Birdman and The Jickie's/Sullivan/McKinley Peace Summit.


Jul 28, 2014

Jackie & Dunlap on Diane Chambers, Rockford Files, Jickie's, Jockie's, preppers, playgrounds, Obama bathroom library, Netflix, Noah, Russell Crowe, Danny Glover's family, Quigley Down Under, foot fetishes, Skinny Beer, and Starbucks Refreshers.

Sponsored by Ladyboots and Sullivan's Auto Parts.

Jul 21, 2014

Jackie and Dunlap on the Israel Gaza Crisis, the Border Kids Crisis, the Ukraine Plane Crisis, the ISIS Crisis, the Casey Kasem Crisis, and the James Garner RIP Crisis. 

Also the Chattanooga Stripper Mork Card Debacle.

Sponsored by Coley's Christian Cinemas Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Coley's Christian Cinemas Cut,...