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Podcasting from a bunker underneath Jackie's Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Jackie Broyles and Dunlap yell about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, liberals and conservatives, Never-Trumps and Bernie bros, fake local sponsors, real national politics, pop culture and the 2016 presidential election. If you like sophisticated satire, nuanced political humor, and redneck shitkicking hillbilly country comedy Hee-Haw moonshine outhouse Blue Collar donkey cartoon face, this is the podcast for you. I mean "y'all."

Got any questions for Jackie and Dunlap? Then you should have wrote 'em down on our Facebook like two or three hours ago, 'cause we answered a bunch of 'em.  Too late. Thanks for nothin'.

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Ben Affleck, Batman, and Hillary Clinton lie about their ancestors. Who owned slaves? Who was an immigrant? Who was in the Black Hand? Also: It's Batman vs. Superman vs. Star Wars as Jackie and Dunlap weigh in on this week's nerd trailers.  Plus: Help us plan a Carter Country reunion.  

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Jackie and Dunlap go through Hillary Clinton's just-released 2016 I'm-Runnin'-For-President Announcement Video frame-by-frame. She won't slip nothin' by us!  Then we talk about all the NRA folks up in Nashville for the big Gun Convention.  What do Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Wayne LaPierre, Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, and all the rest of 'em have to say about guns, Hillary, and head wounds?

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Jackie and Dunlap on Obama's new best buddies Cuba and Iran, some more gay wedding stuff, a rant on how bad politicians suck, Rand Paul is out of pocket, a little Jerry Brown and the California drought, and also Twix Egg is still good.

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