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Red State Update

Dec 29, 2014

Jackie presents his new favorite songs of the seasons, "Jingle-O The Brownie" and "Little Klinker" by Tennessee Ernie Ford.  Dunlap has some questions.

Also: Christmas goodies, Christmas food, Christmas leftovers, what'd you eat on Christmas?, and Christmas.

Sponsored by The Christmas Cottage and the...

Dec 22, 2014

Jackie and Dunlap present "The Dracula Got Ebola Christmas Special"


Join Dracula, Batty, and many more as they learn the real meaning of Christmas. Songs, fun, and laughs! A new Christmas tradition is born! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Dec 18, 2014

Bonus holiday episode! Jackie and Dunlap play DJ and take you through all their favorite Christmas songs ever that they did. 

All music and production by William Sherry Jr. That's crazy! Thanks, Blu!


Christmas In A Beer Joint, Christmas On The Farm, Christmas On An Island With A Martian and Gorilla, Christmas...

Dec 15, 2014

Jackie & Dunlap on the torture report, Cheney mean face, favorite Christmas films, the Baby Jesus Hotel, and the Yuletide blues.

Sponsored by Mushem's Department Store ("Guess What's In The Talking Christmas Gift") and Christmas Cottage ("Teach Your Children a Lesson").



Dec 8, 2014

Jackie and Dunlap on black people in Mayberry, an all-female Andy Griffith reboot, Charlie Daniels' Twitter, police, protests, peppermint bark, Pearl Harbor vs. 9/11, Obama doesn't care about bird feces, and it's time again for Pearl Harbor Day in Mr. Cotter's Room at Heatherglen Springs Woods.

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