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Red State Update

Dec 28, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap on crazy weather, crazy scientists, Lindsey Graham droppin' out, Mike Huckabee maybe droppin' out, Dr. Rand Paul doctorin', folks ashamed of likin' Trump, Minions, Christmas, Trump vs. sexism, Trump vs. Hillary, and Trump vs. Bill.

Sponsors: Judy Ull's Thickset Pants ("New Square!") and...

Dec 21, 2015

Dunlap took Jackie to see Star Wars: The Force Wakes Up and here's their review. SPOILERS!

Also Merry Christmas!

Sponsors: Coley's Christian Cinemas ("Laser Jesus") and Christmas Cave ("Everything's Fine")

Dec 14, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap realize they missed their third anniversary, and to celebrate, they don't really do anything. TALKABOUTS: Benji vs. Spuds McKenzie, Trump vs. Muslims, Lindsey Graham vs. Muslims but in a different way, Carson vs. Republicans, Rand Paul vs. his lack of popularity, Ted Cruz vs. his lack of bones, Marco...

Dec 7, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap on Christmas a'comin', sponsors Christmas Cave and Christmas Cottage, and the news, a little.


Nov 30, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap on Trump, Andy Griffith, Nixon in Mayberry, bad news, awful news, worse news, their new Christmas album, the war on Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

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