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Red State Update

Dec 21, 2021

Jackie & Dunlap on Hoppy Kercheval, Joe Manchin vs. Joe Biden, Trump Gun Church, Bill O'Reilly, Omicron, Mark Meadows.

Featuring the song "I Don't Know Why No One Ever Likes My Gifts," by Dalton Hastings, from our new album "9 Fine Tennessee Christmas Classics," as presented by 1670 AM W-MURFO.

Dec 14, 2021

Chris Wallace leaves Fox and Jackie & Dunlap talk about it for way too long.

Featuring the song "Elf Affair," by Nuttles & Bushy, from the forthcoming Christmas song compilation "9 Fine Tennessee Christmas Classics," presented by 1670 AM W-MURFO.

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Dec 3, 2021

So many people have asked us how Mr. Slaw's been doing that Jackie decided to check in on him. Turns out Mr. Slaw ain't been doing so good.

"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs:  

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