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Red State Update

Jul 30, 2022

490: Manchin’s Flip, Biden’s Face, Sponsor Seth Timbs

Jackie and Dunlap talk with music man Seth Timbs, whose new album “Easy Answers” is out now at and these streamers here:

But first Jackie and Dunlap discuss being sick of Trumpworld, Biden’s covid,...

Jul 20, 2022

Jackie & Dunlap on lost Secret Service texts, the 1/6 Commission hearings, Manchin goes all in on climate change while Europe burns, Steve Bannon trial starts, GOP backing Desantis over Trump?

Sponsors: Oopersalls, Jackies to the Future

"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs. New album...

Jul 13, 2022

Jackie & Dunlap on Day 7 of the 1/6 hearings, Cipollone, Trump, Giuliani, Kavanaugh, Lindsey Graham, Bannon.

Sponsors: Furrsuasion, Ooperalls

"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs:

Red State Update theme "Tasty Sorghum Biscuit" by William Sherry: 

Jul 7, 2022

You thought things couldn't get any worse? You haven't heard Jackie & Dunlap take you item by item through this auction of the Statler Brothers' personal memorabilia.

"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs. New album "Easy Answers" up...