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Red State Update

Jun 9, 2017

Jackie and Dunlap are back with a special midweek podcast to discuss post-Comey blues, monster trucks, the Legend-Songs of Big Jim Comey, Sessions smells, McCain naps, Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference Cruz Cut-Off, the Russians, leakers, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Little Marco Rubio, the definition of hope, New York City conversations, boy scouts, lanky dopes, lordy tapes, Inside Out, the sound of Trump tweeting, the sound of Trump eating, Navy stewards, Russian hookers, the new FBI director, Chris Christie, cancer kids, Obama meets Trudeau, Reality Leigh Winner, City Slickers, Comey cosplay, and Comey's cringe humor novella.

Sponsors: Captain Jack's Fish Racetrack and Vacation Dunlap School. 

Thanks, Frud Toopson's Twitter!


"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs. Check out 20 Minutes by Quick and Dirty! 

Red State Update theme "Tasty Sorghum Biscuit" by William Sherry Jr. 

For more context on this incomprehensible nonsense, listen to the original episodes (listed below) or check out our Wikipedia page. Thanks, Guy Lancaster!

Podcasting from a bunker underneath Jockie's Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Jackie Broyles and Dunlap yell about President Ultimate Yankee Donald Trump and his baby tantrums and his alt-right Nazi cabinet henchmen, about Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, about Chuck Shumer and Mitch McConnell, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Priebus and Putin, Russia and Reagan, liberals and conservatives, cucks and con-men, Democrats and Republicans, Never-Trumps and Bernie bros, Deplorables and RINOs, fake news, fake sponsors, local businesses, national politics, populism, pop culture, old references, current events, the white working class, Trump's America and, let's be honest, the end of the world. If you like sophisticated satire, nuanced political humor, and redneck shitkicking hillbilly country comedy Hee-Haw moonshine outhouse Blue Collar donkey cartoon face, this is the podcast for you. I mean "y'all."