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Red State Update

Dec 21, 2020

What will be the Christmas Number One song on the 1670 AM W-MURFO Top 7 at 7 Murfreesboro Number One Christmas Countdown Special Expanded Top 20 Edition with Cubby Free?

Elf Drugs by The Young Rustlers of the Hazy Glade? Fauci Christmas by Little Cussin' Cayden? Christmas Hot Sauce by the Hickory Grove Suspenders? Candy Cane Puddles by Nick Primo and the Glueboys? Backwards Christmas Tree by Cubby Free? Across the Street from Rudolph by Jillian Cherries? Or a handful of Red State Update classics?

Music by William Sherry Jr. Lyrics by Travis Harmon & Jonathan Shockley.


Christmas Hot Sauce vocals by Phil Leonard

Across the Street from Rudolph and Fauci Christmas vocals by Adrian Rose Leonard

Candy Cane Puddles vocals by William Sherry Jr.

Elf Drugs vocals by Bridge Codpipper.

Backwards Christmas Tree vocals by Travis Harmon & Adrian Rose Leonard

Snow Sliding Sleigh Riding Day, Christmas on an Island with a Martian and Gorilla, Christmas in a Beer Joint, Christmas Kisses, and Christmas Crow by Red State Update

The Red State Update Christmas albums "Santa Is Real" and "Merry Twismas Part Twoo" are available at all the music places