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Red State Update

Jul 6, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap wish you a merry Independence Day, discuss Mel Gibson's The Patriot, the Founding Fathers and their filthy hands, Ewoks, Paul Revere clothes, and if it matters what you eat while being patriotic.

Special Sponsor Appearances by Mr. Leaky, Horse Gravy, Slick Sheets, Take 2 Used Dyer Sheets, Soured Towels, Christ in Cakes/Backdoor Cakes, The Glory Shelf Bibles Books and Balloons, Jim Beavers, Lydia and David "Ox" Rinseguard, Wesley Press, Dilly Mulerider, and the Third Pentecostal Church of Holiness God Ghost Hurt Bird. 

Folks, people, we have a Kickstarter runnin'.  We need your help to cover the 2016 election by keeping this podcast goin' and gettin' new videos up every week-- and filming this very podcast that you can currently only listen to with your stupid ears. (You will still be able to listen with your stupid ears, but you also will be able to watch with your stupid eyes.)

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