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Red State Update

Aug 31, 2015

Before you get too mad because we give you a 2-hour podcast, look at what all we talked about: Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, OAN Network, Eazy-E, NWA, Straight Outta Compton, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, who dies in Forrest Gump, cancer movies, Sally Field, Jerry Clower, dogs eating vegetables, Willard Scott, jam jars, the futility of existence, unprotected sex, computer flags, Hillary Clinton, emails, scandal, the Murfreesboro Boogie Trio, cheese sticks, fish fries, Watch That Little Fat Boy Eat, Longhornz, Planned Parenthood, the confederate flag, foot salve, macaroni and cheese expiration dates, Jackie's coming around on Trump, what scares Frankensteins, slamming your dick in a car door, and a lot more we done forgot.

Sponsors: Double Decker Bus 'Round the Square ("Now With The Christian Vegetables and The Janitorial Staff of the Murfreesboro City Hospital") and Pillsauce ("Now Featuring Three Cheese Flavor Mixture.)"