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Red State Update

May 11, 2016

Dunlap wants to be on the Grand Ole Opry. Jackie has a box of Star Wars memorabilia.  Jackie is mad at Facebook for blocking conservative news. Chris Christie is heading Trump's White House transition team. Dunlap wants a theater in Branson. Jackie just wants to go to Branson and hang. Bernie Sanders wins West Virginia.  Trump wins Nebraska. Dr. Ben Carson is searching for Trump's vice president.  Sarah Palin threatens Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan will meet with Donald Trump. Lindsey Graham wants Lemon Pledge. Jeb Bush hates Donald Trump but not in the right way. Ted Cruz has openings. Marco Rubio won't be Trump's VP. Men are still standing in Jackie's bathroom to protest his support of Dr. Birdlady. Don't go alone down Biscuit Alley.

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