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Red State Update

Feb 17, 2014

Listeners like YOU call the shots on this week's podcast, as Jackie and Dunlap turn to Facebook and Twitter fans to tell 'em what to talk about. They wind up musin' on leprechauns, the Olympics, Hilary, NASCAR, Petty vs. Danica, snake handlers, the weather, Bill Nye, Marsha Blackburn, Climate Change, bow ties, Republicans, Democrats, Krakens, Funny Donkey, Jackie Chamoun, Lindsey Vonn, Russians, Costas, eyeballs, Obamacare, Jesus, Green Lantern, fish, snow cream, Michael Dunn, loud music, Charlie Sheen, porn stars, Stalin, pulled pork, Trading Places, Huckabee, Romney, tree-climbing crocodiles, racism, sexism, murder, mustaches, hot Russian curlers, and Funny Face. 

Plus a brief appearance via telephone by Mr. Slaw.

Sponsored by Dr. Birdman's Hurt Bird and Hurt Bird II, and Pre-Greeters.

Sirens brought to you by Longhornz Dance Parlour.