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Red State Update

Sep 14, 2016

Hillary is sick! Is it pneumonia or every sickness known to man? What will the debate be like? What about the adult diapers? Whose blood waters the whatevers of liberty? The Yankee governor of Kentucky knows! Sort of.  Also: Who's in the basket of deplorables? Jackie and Dunlap probably. 

Sponsors? Uncle Spiffy Marlin's Haircuts and Handshakes and Dom Podge's Church Accountant School.


Podcasting from a bunker underneath Jackie's Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Jackie Broyles and Dunlap yell about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, liberals and conservatives, Never-Trumps and Bernie bros,  fake local sponsors, real national politics, pop culture and the 2016 presidential election. If you like sophisticated satire, nuanced political humor, and redneck shitkicking hillbilly country comedy Hee-Haw moonshine outhouse Blue Collar donkey cartoon face, this is the podcast for you.  I mean "y'all."