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Red State Update

Nov 22, 2016

Mike Pence goes to Hamilton and Trump gets mad on Twitter. Then Trump gets mad at Saturday Night Live. Then he invites all the media elite to Trump Tower and yells at Jeff Zucker and Wolf Blitzer. Then he settles a Trump University lawsuit.  Also he's filling his cabinet with crazy generals and human Nazi Garbage Pail Kids.  Also! Thanksgiving tips for getting along with your family in these divisive times! NASA! Rein Priebus! GD Paul Revere's Horse! Kick Duels! A Christmas Carol but dirty! Dunlap and Mayor Jackie Broyles discuss all this in "Dunlap News Journal," Dunlap's fake news organization.  And in "A Few Words From Murfreesboro Mayor Jackie Broyles", Jackie discusses the Klan, his new cabinet, a tough new stance on bird people, and the mysterious Mr. Drib. Dunlap has a few questions.


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No longer podcasting from a bunker underneath Jackie's Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Jackie Broyles and Dunlap yell about President-Elect Ultimate Yankee Donald Trump and baby tantrums and his alt-right Nazi cabinet henchmen, former worst president ever Lame Duck Barack Obama, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, Never-Trumps and Bernie bros, Deplorables and RINOs, fake local sponsors, real national politics, pop culture and the 2016 presidential election. If you like sophisticated satire, nuanced political humor, and redneck shitkicking hillbilly country comedy Hee-Haw moonshine outhouse Blue Collar donkey cartoon face, this is the podcast for you. I mean "y'all."