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Red State Update

Apr 7, 2014

Jackie and Dunlap discuss the paintings of George W. Bush, our greatest president/artist. They also make a plea to the George W. Bush Library to let them come and podcast from there (they'll podcast quietly.) Also: Fuzzy Obamacare numbers, Supreme Court upholds freedom of speech/rich people, David Letterman's retirement, Jackie's crush on Ellen Degeneres, Putin's sway with Republicans, Longhornz Dance Parlour's Gay Night, Murfreesboro Museum's popcorn, the Uncle Remus Mystery Hour, and the Trilogy of Art in the Murfreesboro City Hospital Waiting Room.

Clip of the Week: Ralph Emery & Shotgun Red sing "Friendship"

Sponsored by Hosewater ("New Flavors") and Gracesayers ("Let's All Bow Our Heads").