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Red State Update

Sep 1, 2014

Obama's got a tan suit, no strategy, and doesn't believe it's WWIII. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Jackie and Dunlap are here to set the record straight. Also Labor Day, Boat Police, Retired Jackie, James Bond, Jack Ryan, Dave, the Act Right List, Black Reagan, and Vaughn Meader. 

Sponsored by Johnny Greenstreet's Get Out! ("Not Rescuing Hurt Ghost Bird") and Tee Tee Slott's Murfreesboro Bottled Water Association's Murfreesboro City Fair ("Next Week!")

Michael Hamilton
over eight years ago

Not a comment, just a kudo. I really love this stuff. The use of local examples to create a parody of current events is brilliant. I wish you were still doing video; I still check out the old ones from time to time on YT.