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Red State Update

Sep 22, 2014

Time jump! Flash ahead to the Final Episode, as Jackie and Dunlap fill you in on the final days of Murfreesboro from the safety(?) of Jockie's Bunker. Find out what burned! What's still standing! Who are the Too Many Mayors? Learn the fate of Tee Tee Slott, Don Jeckyl Jr, Peanut Pockets Steakhouse, Dom Podge, Wizardbeards, Skunky's, Reo McElroy and the McElroy Boys, Wiretower's Washed Jars, Wet Breads, Jim Beavers of Comcast Cable, Dr. Birdman, Jimmy, Johnny Greenstreet, the escaped prisoners, the Pregreeters, Miss Phillips, and pretty much the whole mess of 'em! Who gave the Three Speeches that saved Murfreesboro? What is the final outcome of the Sullivan/McKinley War? WHERE IS GHOST/HURT BIRD?

Thanks for listening to almost 100 episodes, y'all! What happens now?