The Ole Timey Country Down Home Red State Update Podcast 'n' 'Em
Podcasting from a bunker underneath Jackie's Market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Jackie Broyles and Dunlap yell about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, liberals and conservatives, Never-Trumps and Bernie bros, fake local sponsors, real national politics, pop culture and the 2016 presidential election. If you like sophisticated satire, nuanced political humor, and redneck shitkicking hillbilly country comedy Hee-Haw moonshine outhouse Blue Collar donkey cartoon face, this is the podcast for you. I mean "y'all."

These are dark days. Dark, George Jones-less days.

No sponsors. Wouldn't be appropriate. Silliness.

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Have you ever wanted to listen to the Red State Update podcast without the poorly researched news, the illogical commentary, or the tortured "satire"? Us too, and it's our podcast. Well here then: All the sponsors from the first 21 episodes, back-to-back, sponsor-to-sponsor. It's the Sponsors All Sponsors episode! 

Sponsored by all of 'em.

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Jackie and Dunlap on The Accidental Racist, the Gun Bill, Margaret Thatcher, and Stacey Campfield.  

Sponsored by no one, because next week is our special SPONSORS ALL SPONSORS episode-- all of your favorite sponsors from our first 21 episodes. Three hours of sponsors. That's next week! This week is just news stuff. 

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Jackie and Dunlap take listener suggestions for topics this week: North Korea, Obama creepin' on Kamala Harris, the official religion of North Carolina, Jackie's Momma, Mr. Slaw, and more!

Brought to you by Little Helen's, Tax Whiz, and sort of by Screen Masters.

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Jackie and Dunlap on Easter and Google, Jim Carrey and Hee Haw, and Dr. Ben Carson.

Sponsored by The Glory Shelf and Little Helen's.

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