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Red State Update

Sep 30, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on Ted Cruz, Breaking Bad, fracking, Jesus, guns, Iran, Tee Tee Slott, and Nazis.

Sponsored by Birdmancare and Obamacare.

Sep 23, 2013

If the Emmys won't pay tribute to Jack Klugman, then Jackie and Dunlap will, by spending oh say half the episode talking about Quincy. Also! Grand Theft Auto, Hasselbeck, Buddhists, Starbucks, New Pope!

Also the Klugman tribute is also pretty much a tribute to Robert Ito.

Sponsored by Catfish Cabinet and Snakehead's II.

Sep 16, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on people lovin' Putin, Zimmermanwatch, Red Lobster, and the Colorado recall. 

Also! Are you our Syrian fan? We want to hear from you! Are you a Muslim Country or Bluegrass artist? We want to hear from you too! 

Brought to you by Coley's Scouts of America and Dunlap Scouts of America.

Sep 9, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on Fred Thompson's Twitter feed, the power of positive thinking, and how sometimes it just feels good to laugh. Plus Crisis in Syria.

Sponsored by Snakehead's and Snakehead's II.

Sep 2, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on the crisis in Syria. Plus Zimmermanwatch, Martin Luther King anniversary, Lee Daniels' The Butler, and animals in church. Brought to you by the Murfreesboro City Fair (Come see animals penned up, Dr. Birdman, Tee Tee Slott, Coley's Snack Foods Dunk a Demon or Prisoner booth, win a picture of...