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Red State Update

May 29, 2017

Here's Jackie and Dunlap talking over Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for nearly three hours. 

The shorter, theatrical version, thank the Lord.  Commentary begins at 1.22 in.

Man of Steel commentary

Dark Knight Rises commentary

For more context on this incomprehensible nonsense, listen to the original episodes...

May 21, 2017

Hey! The news is exhausting. Let's live through it again, only this time with Jackie and Dunlap! Including such searchable key phrases as: Special Counsel appointed! Witch Hunt! Coast Guard speech! "Most mistreated politician in history"! Comey curtains! Trump told Comey he hoped the FBI would stop investigating him!...

May 18, 2017

The return of the Berrynutt Boyz! Phillip and Edgar Berrynutt on the Comey Memo, Trump's leaked intel to the Russians, media hysteria, collusion, the appointment of a special counsel, the return of Corey Lewandowski, Mueller, McMaster, Russia, T.G. Sheppard.



May 15, 2017

Jackie and Dunlap on how nobody's doing nothing about anything, Trump does whatever he wants, nobody gives a shit, guess nobody cares, people just like to laugh and laugh at the other side and the country goes down the toilet but that's fine, that's fine.  Also: if Trump were in your life doing shit like this in...

May 11, 2017

Jackie and Dunlap on the the latest signs of America's impending doom: Trump fires FBI Director James Comey while under investigation, and Florida Georgia Line opens a restaurant.

Also: Spicer in the bushes, Sara Huckabee Sanders in the spotlight, Watergate, Nixon, Giuliani, Chris Christie, Comey is a giant, who's the...