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Red State Update

Apr 24, 2017

Jackie and Dunlap podtalk about: Alex Jones is fake and there IS NO ALEX JONES CUSTODY TRIAL-- Wake Up! Bill O'Reilly is fired in disgrace and paid handsomely! Ted Nugent, Kid Rock and Sarah Palin tour the White House and take some pix with Trump and Hillary's Portrait! The French Election! The Georgia Election!  The...

Apr 17, 2017

Jackie and Dunlap on the Bill O'Reilly sex scandal, the United Airlines violent expulsion scandal, the Sean Spicer Hitler gas scandal, the Navy SEAL porn star scandal.  Plus! Trump is mad at the tax protests, Trump is mad at Steve Bannon, Trump drops the Mother of All Bombs, Trump flip-flops on NATO, China,...

Apr 10, 2017

Jackie and Dunlap discuss Trump bombing Syria, Bannon vs. Kushner, Gorsuch, the filibuster, Obamacare repeal efforts, going nuclear, Trump is president now, racists abandoning the Trump ship, the Pepsi ad, China, Flynn, Berenstain Bears, Pinky "Piglet" Styron, and Jockie R.I.P.

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Apr 3, 2017

Here's the thrilling conclusion to the Red State Update podcast, more or less.

We'll be back real, real soon! Thanks for still listenin'!  

"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy of Seth Timbs. Check out 20 Minutes by Quick and Dirty!

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