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Red State Update

Sep 28, 2017

Do you remember where you were when you first heard the song of Famous Cabbage and Green Bean?  Of Christian Vegetables and Coley's Halloween Sweeties? Of Carrot and Zucchini? Of Double Sugar Lump?

Includes chunks of these ones:

Episode 145: That's What I Said... Bunny Bread (Aug. 18, 2015)

Episode 147: Trump vs. Baby...

Sep 18, 2017

Jackie and Dunlap podcast about Trump's tweets! Modern world! Listen: Trump tweeted about a train in a hat, an all-red electoral map, Rocket Man, and hitting Hillary with a golf ball. Earlier he gun-jump tweeted the London terror attacks.  Then there's some more stuff about eating Chinese food with Chuck Schumer and...

Sep 13, 2017

Jackie and Dunlap on Ted Cruz's Twitter porn like, Bannon's 60 Minutes interview with Charlie Rose, Hillary Clinton's new book What Happened, Trump works with Schumer and Pelosi, Hurricane Irma.

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"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs. Check out 20 Minutes by Quick and Dirty! 


Sep 6, 2017

Liberal Redneck Trae Crowder gives Jackie tips on how to be a liberal redneck, plus we discuss Confederate flags, statues, and separating the redneck art from the redneck artist.  Thanks for talkin' to us, Trae, even though we're sure you were probably worried about the Vols the whole time.  

Check out the wellRED...