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Red State Update

Mar 25, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on Rand Paul and pot, Obama and the Devil, Israel and Loverboy, Biden and baloons, and funeral processions and Cap'n D's.

Brought to you by the Steubenville Board of Tourism.

Mar 18, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap discuss the stars of CPAC 2013-- Palin! Romney! Rubio! Coulter! LaPierre! Not Christie! Segregation Guy! Plus the All New Pope, Rob Portman and his gay son, and Michael Moore and dead kids. 

Brought to you by Jickie's Market (Not Jackie's Market), where they now only serve 150 oz. drinks, and the...

Mar 11, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on Hugo Chavez's funeral, Rand Paul's filibuster, and Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's View departure. Brought to you by Heatherglen Springs Woods ("We Will Not Assist Your Felled Or Dying Loved Ones") and Wet Bread's ("Bread So Damp, It'll Moisten A Stamp").

Mar 4, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on sequesters, sinkholes, Star Trek, and the Supreme Court, plus non-alliterative things like Bob Woodward, Uncle Sam, the Voting Rights Act, Clint Eastwood likes gays, and illegal immigrants like not being in jail. Plus Romney's back, pretty much just how we left him.

Brought to you by Coley's...