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Red State Update

May 26, 2014

Jackie's on the floor on his napping towel with a pinched nerve and hopped up on Dilaudid and Percocet and Valium. The show, however, must go on, even if it's a podcast.  The boys talk about the VA scandal, Memorial Day, and the Murfreesboro dude who had sex with an ATM machine. This episode may not always make perfect...

May 19, 2014

Jackie and Dunlap discuss Hillary's health problems, Karl Rove's medical opinions, and Operation American Spring. Sponsored by Three Sticks of Candy ("Three is Six Wednesdays 3-6") and The Squatting Winker.

May 12, 2014

Jackie and Dunlap on Israeli spies in Al Gore's bathroom, Joe Biden's chances in 2016, Moonies vs. Hare Krishnas, leaflets vs. documents, and Matthew Broderick. 

Sponsored by Jim Beavers Who Works For Comcast Cable ("Dracula") and Longhornz Dance Parlour ("Mother's Day 2-For-1s").

May 5, 2014

Jackie and Dunlap report the latest on the Hosewater racism scandal, Obama's plans to undermine Jesus/soldiers with Star Wars, Bundy Ranch infighting, and senior citizen marches on Washington.

Brought to you by Three Sticks of Candy ("You Know The Jingle!") and Slott Juice Hose ("The Hose Juice That Isn't...