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Red State Update

Nov 29, 2018

Jackie & Dunlap on Manafort, Mueller, the crisis on the border, the wall, Trump on climate change, and how to trick Fox into giving us a job on Fox Nation.

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Nov 22, 2018

Thank you kindly for listening to the Red State Update podcast.  Jackie and Dunlap have been doing this for six years, before they even knew how much they hated Trump. This episode is a lot of misremembering of sponsors and mispronouncing names. Also: Roy Clark, a brief tour through the week in Trump, and our sponsors Z...

Nov 15, 2018

Trump hates rain, France, American soldiers. Trump forgets caravan, Kavanaugh, and soon fraud. Trump gets mad at people mad at Trump. Trump may attend Mississippi rally for lynch-joker. How big was the Blue Wave? Big enough to make Trump mad. We'll take it.

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Nov 8, 2018

Jackie and Dunlap on the midterm elections results: Ted Cruz beats Beto in Texas, Marsha Blackburn beats Phil Bredesen in Tennessee. Kemp beats Abrams in Georgia? Plus Florida, weed, Scott Walker.

Also: Trump has an unhinged press conference and then fires Jeff Sessions. Is Mueller's investigation doomed?


Nov 6, 2018

Y'all better vote. Jackie's mad.

Ads too racist for Fox, Kemp is worse than Boss Hogg, Hannity/Limbaugh head to Trump Rally, Bredesen, Blackburn, GOP voting blue.

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