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Red State Update

Jun 30, 2020

GoFundMe for Elijah McClain's family & legal fees

Arrest the murderers of Breonna Taylor

What did Trump know about the Russian bounties, and when did he know to blame the press? Also, COVID-19 surges, Trump wastes shutdown, Bolton, Bernstein, Hannity, Booker, Barr,...

Jun 22, 2020

Jackie & Dunlap on Trump's embarrassing Tulsa rally, Barr vs. Berman, Bolton's book, BTS. 

Plus: ramps, water, Trump's bad week, TikTok teens, Kentucky voting, DACA, Florida's COVID numbers, and Tennessee congratulates its dumbasses.

"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs.

Red State...

Jun 13, 2020

Trump goes after Lincoln, Juneteenth, Tulsa Race Massacre, hurt old men. Plus rally waivers, NASCAR and the confederate flag, statues, Georgia elections, Romney, Bush, Antifa hoaxes. 

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"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs.

Red State Update theme "Tasty Sorghum...

Jun 5, 2020

I mean, here this is, but you should listen to Black people instead.

Jackie & Dunlap on protests, cops, and change.

Plus a terrifying walk back through the last two weeks in Trump: Bible-holding, bunker-hiding, Barr, Bush, Putin, Twitter, Mattis, Zuckerberg. 

No sponsors, but a quick update on Happy Stuff and A...