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Red State Update

Jan 25, 2016

Jackie and Dunlap on #oscarssowhite, Sarah Palin endorses Trump, Donald Trump shoots people, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ted Cruz, and Sesame Street on HBO.

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Jan 18, 2016

Jackie and Dunlap on Iran, the Democratic Debates, Trump and Cruz, Oregon, and the awful, awful world.

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Jan 11, 2016

What would Jackie buy if he won the Powerball lottery? Will there be Internet in Heaven? Will Sean Penn continue working for Rolling Stone?  Can Ted Cruz be president if he was born in Canada? This episode of the Red State Update Podcast answers all your questions, if all your questions are one of those four.


Jan 4, 2016

Jackie and Dunlap discuss the top news stories of 2015.  Which one is your favorite? Plus Jackie breaks down the prospects of each GOP candidate, Dunlap has a theory that gets us to President Bernie Sanders, Henry Fonda vs. Al Pacino, Star Wars, ISIS, Trump, Obama, Fred Thompson RIP, Doritos Tacos from Taco Bell,...