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Red State Update

Jul 27, 2020

Jackie & Dunlap on Trump's test, federal troops in US cities, Reagan disses Trump, Chad Wolf, Ghislaine Maxwell, Barron, Trump bails on convention, first pitch, Mnuchin, $1200, John Roberts, Immigration Nation.

"The Magic Cowboy" courtesy Seth Timbs:

Red State Update theme "Tasty Sorghum...

Jul 17, 2020

Jackie & Dunlap talk to old friend Guy Lancaster, co-author of Blood In Their Eyes: The Elaine Massacre of 1919, about the little-known Arkansas atrocity and the startling similarities between then and now.

Plus:  Trump at the bean desk, Walmart requires masks, Parscale out as campaign manager, Sessions loses Alabama,...

Jul 8, 2020

Jackie & Dunlap on Trump's Mt. Rushmore speech, his attack on Bubba Wallace and NASCAR, statues coming down, schools forced open, Texas, Florida, Rush Limbaugh, plus Charlie Daniels ain't going away. 

Order books by Dr. Guy Lancaster!  Blood In Their Eyes: The Elaine Massacre of 1919 and  Bullets and Fire: Lynching and...