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Red State Update

May 31, 2019

Jackie & Dunlap on Mueller's statement, Trump's front yard crazy yellfest, Trump gets mad at the USS John McCain, Trump goes to Japan, Freedom Gas, Mitch McConnell, rigging the census, Biden, tornadoes.

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May 25, 2019

Trump doesn't do cover-ups, but does do declassifying documents to vilify political opponents, pardoning war criminals,  taking Harriet Tubman off the $20 bill, and destroying farmers in his dopey trade war. Also: War with Iran, Mayor Pete, Pelosi videos, Justin Amash. 

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May 6, 2019

Jackie & Dunlap on Pelosi & Dem plans (?) to take on Trump, Trump doesn't want Mueller to testify, Trump wants to stay in office 2 extra years, North Korea tests missiles, Pompeo is a boob, Trump talks to Putin, Cohen eats chicken, Barr, Facebook, Bidens. 

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