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Red State Update

Apr 26, 2018

Jackie and Dunlap on Trump's VA Head pick Dr. Ronny Jackson, Kanye's alt-right Trump-loving Tweetstorm, and Macron in Washington.

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GoFundMe for victims of Waffle House Shooting

GoFundMe for James Shaw Jr. 

Apr 20, 2018

Jackie and Dunlap on Comey's book tour, the released Comey memos, Hannity is Cohen's third client, Giuliani to Trump's legal team, Trump discussed hookers with Putin according to the Comey memos, Tammy Duckworth's baby, IG recommends McCabe to prosecutors, Nikki Haley is not confused, no further Russia sanctions,...

Apr 12, 2018

Jackie and Dunlap on Paul Ryan's retirement, the raid on Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen, Zuckerberg testifies to Congress, Trump tweets about missiles, and Boehner's dope.

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"The Magic Cowboy" and...

Apr 5, 2018

Jackie & Dunlap on the Laura Ingraham boycott, Roseanne, Sinclair news, Trump invites Putin to Washington, Trump to send National Guard to border, Trump not a 'criminal target' of Mueller, Mueller pulling Russian oligarchs over at the airport and goin' through their phones, Trump wants to withdraw from Syria,...