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Red State Update

Oct 28, 2013

Join Jackie and Dunlap for a good ol' old fashioned Halloween podcast, with spooky stories, scary games, and hair-raising songs. Be sure and turn off your lights, put on a blindfold, or set in a closet.

Featuring Jackie's poem "The Haunted Goat", plus the songs "The Day The Monsters Came To Church And Got Saved" and "I...

Oct 21, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on where monsters live, how Obamacare will ruin your computer, and Ted Cruz.

Sponsored by Don Jekyll Jr's Original Snakeheads and The Third Pentecostal Church of Holiness God's Anti-Halloween Lock-In (In The Building Where They Sell The Refurbished Washing Machines.)

Oct 14, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on End Times, Trucker Protests, Buck Dancing, and Dr. Ben Carson.

Sponsored by Johnny Greenstreet's Get Out and Truck Jekyll's Snakeheads IV.

Oct 7, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap on conversations, shutdowns, Obama, Boehner, Muslim museums, Bush libraries, and Beetle Bailey.

Sponsored by Frieda Nolan's Church Puppets and Dottie Geyser's Snakeheads III.