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Red State Update

Jan 26, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap on American Sniper, the State of the Union, and Netanyahu in Congress. Also, send us your photos of you sneak-listenin' to us at work!

Sponsored by Coley's Christian Cinemas ("Clint Eastwood-a-thon") and The Glory Shelf Books and Balloons ("Back 2 Heaven" by Little Cissy Rinseguard as told to David...

Jan 19, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap on the Oscars, the Black Oscars, and Obama skippin' Paris.

Sponsored by The Glory Shelf (come to the signing of "I Go Heaven" by Murfreesobo's own formerly dead child Little Cissy Rinseguard and her mother Lydia) and Dilly Mulerider's Movies 'Round The Square.

Jan 11, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap on Charlie Hebdo, New Congress, Free College, satire, Apartment 3-G, Fred Thompson's Twitter, Hog Ball Collections, and the best way to listen to our podcast. 

Sponsored by Dilly Mulerider's Around The Square and Blue Jay's Rockin' Burgers & Good Time Fries.

Jan 5, 2015

Jackie and Dunlap mourn Little Jimmy Dickens, Donna Douglas, Huckabee!, and non-Klan radio in Arkansas.  Also: Scalise! Duke! The Dookie Boys! White Supremacist Accidental Speeches! The GOP 2016 Presidential Candidates! Gravel pushes Kush! The Color Purple! Free Candy from Al Moore! 

Sponsored by Bug Spray and Preston...