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Red State Update

Jan 31, 2017

We're doing a podcast every day this week to keep up with all the dang news.  New episodes midnight Eastern, Monday through Friday, January 30-February 3. 

Jackie and Dunlap are workin' their way through Trump's second week.  In the space of recording this podcast, Attorney General Sally Yates went from starting to get press for refusing to enforce Trump's Muslim Ban to gettin' the old heave-ho just as we were wrappin' up.  Timely!

Is Steve Bannon scary-smart, scary-scary, or just a saggy-pantsed pretentious clown-nosed a-hole?

Starbucks wants to hire 10,000 refugees, and also really enjoys making sour-faced church people mad! 

Sean Spicer is terrified of 5-year-olds.  

The Pope, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Starbucks, and Arnold Schwarzenegger all love refugees, or immigrants, or migrants, or Muslims, or one of those words. Also those three meeting at Starbucks would be a fun afternoon for them I'm sure!

One in, two out! Boy Scouts accepting transgender Scouts! White House fashion

Sponsors: As Good As A Chair and New Spaghetti.  

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