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Red State Update

Nov 18, 2013

Jackie is real sick, but that ain't gonna stop us from recording a real good anniversary podcast.  Sponsored by Snakeheads, Snakefaces, Dr. Birdman, Wet Bread's, The Glory Shelf, Wiretower's Washed Jars, Miss Phillips's Kitty Pillows, Jockie's Market, Jickie's Market, the Newtown Conspiracy Theorist's Club, Wizardbeard's, Little Helen's, Coley's Snack Foods, Mike Beavers, and the Murfreesboro Playactors Club's upcoming musical version of Victor Mileage's The Tee Tee Slott Story.

Thank y'all kindly for listening to this mess. We been having a good time and hope y'all are too.