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Red State Update

Dec 2, 2013

Jackie and Dunlap got on Facebook and asked listeners what they should talk about. This is what they said: College costs, the knockout game, Joe Biden's Asia trip, Black Friday, Bama vs. Auburn, duck hunting, Charles Manson's wife, Jickey, Jockie, hunger strikes, Chattanooga, World AIDS Day, Hillary, Tee Tee Slott, Rob Ford, Kleargear, Alzheimer's shooting, Walking Dead, Dr. Who, Paul Walker, Little Helen's, Jackie's Christmas present from Dunlap, upcoming government shutdown, Sydney Leathers' labia, disrespect of musicians, Jackie's truck, Michael Durham, mullets, Rosa parks, Paul Crouch, Come ISON, BIg Helen's, poor work ethic for people under 30, George Jones, and weed.

Sponsored by Miss Phillips' Kitty Pillows and Sam Craisin's Good Neighbor.